Redgrave Creative Productions – Music License

We at Redgrave Creative Productions are very aware of the burden being placed on non-profit and non commercial musical organizations by the major Performing Rights Organizations (PRO’s). As both composers, publishers and performers we also understand of the real need to be paid fairly for our work.

We are not associated with any PRO so we have some freedom to write our own rules withing the confines of current US copyright law. Thus, we offer the the following license terms for your consideration:

Redgrave Creative Productions Printed Music License Terms

Legal acquisition of any printed musical notation score and / or parts from Redgrave Creative Productions LLC (Herein RCP LLC) or its authorized distributors, licenses its use as provided for by the Copyright laws of the United States of America in effect at the date of first sale. In addition, RCP LLC grants the following additional limited uses:
A- Performance- RCP LLC hereby allows the first owner of original legally obtained copies of our works, the limited right to perform them without additional fee or license in non-commercial and / or non-profit settings.
B- Recording and Synchronization- RCP LLC hereby allows the first owner of original legally obtained copies of our works, the limited right without additional fee or license to make and use an audio / visual recording of a non-commercial and / or non-profit performance of the work for the purpose of uploading and sharing that recording on an electronic / digital network, provided that
  1. Attribution is made to the author and publisher,
  2. the posting of such a recording is not done for direct commercial gain and
  3. the recording is a substantially unaltered version of the live performance.
The sale of such a recording without permission is not permitted.
All other rights, such as but not limited to, mechanical licenses, arranging, performance for profit or any other commercial uses or adaptations remain reserved with the copyright owner, who must approve licenses in advance for such uses. Contact Redgrave Creative Productions LLC to obtain more information and fees.