Movement for Percussion – Vol.1 (Digital Download)

By Cheri Redgrave. Movement for Percussion Volume 1 contains 40 etudes that teaches percussionists how to practice moving between instruments quickly and quietly. This is the digital version.


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The Movement for Percussion series allows percussionists to practice moving between instruments quickly and quietly. Volume 1 contains 40 etudes, divided into four sections. The first series has the percussionist moving between two instruments. The second series adds a mallet instrument to the two instruments. The next section features movement between three instruments. Then mallets are added. All of the etudes are designed to be performed with a conductor.

Each etude has a suggested set up photo as well as performance techniques for many of the instruments used.

This piece is sold under the Redgrave Creative Productions Music License which includes limited performance and recording/synchronization licenses for non-profit non commercial performances.

This digital download file includes the score and all parts. You have 15 days after purchase to download your file. Only one download is permitted per purchase.

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