Perseverance, A Modern Medieval March
(Digital Download)

A concert march for contemporary symphonic band.



Perseverance is an apt title for a piece that has been a very long time in coming. In the fall of 1981, the composer was a freshman at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, not in music, but engineering, a choice made as a concession to future income opportunity. However, music was never far from my thoughts.

Among the challenges of attending a school with 40,000+ students spread over such a vast campus were the long walks, sometimes nearly two miles to get between classes in only 30 minutes. To break up the monotony, my mind would sometimes wander back to being in my high school marching band and the many parades that I participated in. At some point, I began hearing sounds of a parade march in my head. Over time, it went from a single basic simple theme to a more complicated march but with an underlying beat that suggested a brisk urgent pace. Eventually complete counter melodies and chords began to appear in my mind. The modal harmonies are reminiscent of medieval music, thus the subtitle.

The piece is scored for a contemporary symphonic band and in addition to normal brass and woodwind parts it includes additional parts for string bass and piano.

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